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all those companies are part of a global vision

Krippendorf Systems AG

Sabine Krippendorf, CEO
Concept, Web, Coaching and Marketing


Experience your Group Fitness Congresses & Events with a high fun factor!


Janni Giannikakis, Academy Director
a leading educational center of excellence for trainers, therapists and health professionals

Planet Yoga

Bettina Walter, Owner
Planet Yoga was founded in 2004 and is an internationally recognized and certified yoga school by "YOGA ALLIANCE". Our teachers are all professionally trained and our yoga trainings are of the highest quality. This is not least due to the decades of experience of the training management.

Euro Education

Roman Bayer, CEO
The Euro Education - A school with heart and a lot of passion. For over 30 years now, Euro Education has been in existence, a training and further education school specializing in group fitness trainers.

Im digitalen Raum

Benjamin Schluep
New Media Works. Web, App, Design and Projectmanagement.


Frank Baumann, Owner


Ryan Daniel Beck, Owner
Ryan had an extensive performing career dancing for Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas, MOMIX, MTV and more before moving to producing and directing for ABC, Equity Fights AIDS, Good Morning America, Celebrity Cruises, and Hard Rock Cafe, among others. Ryan is a sought-after international movement instructor and is on faculty at the world famous Broadway Dance Center in NYC. In 2011, Ryan was introduced to bodyART by its creator, Robert Steinbacher, and then brought the concept to many NYC studios.

Core Natural Health

Dr. Arturo Mesquite, Owner
Integrating the body and mind approach that is personalized rather than prescriptive is the best way to frame Doctor Mesquite’s wellness program. 20+ years of providing established entrepreneurs with the quickest, most effective preventative measures and lifestyle changes that are individualized while also fostering accountability.

Strong Like Silk

Stacey Lei Krauss, Owner
Virtual studio featuring yoga & fitness fusions. Smart, accessible workouts to enhance your lifestyle and inspire your spirit.
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