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Travel & Events

From festivals to exclusive travels or specials events - together we create unique experiences.

Events & Specials

A large range of different 2-4 day workshops, trainings and shorter fitness breaks in the nature or in cities around Europe for those of you wishing to deepen your knowledge and experience in our fitness programs and to share valuable time with our Master Trainers whether it be for fun, teacher trainings or a short break from life. 

Exclusive Travel

The experience is the place, the immersion in the surrounding area, where you are totally taken care of from beginning to end.  The ultimate in any holiday experience, leaving you free to soak up everything the journey has to offer in an environment which gives you everything you need, and everything you never even dreamed you needed! Limited places available, an unbeatable program, private chefs, and personal connection from our master trainers offering all their knowledge and experiences to a small, privileged group, makes this the ultimate exclusive travel experience. 

Jul 08, 9:15 AM
Sportpark Freiburg i.B.


Social occasion’s to get together with a larger group of like-minded people with our team of master trainers, offering you various classes and workshops all day long. A space where you are free to choose your schedule from a wide range of offerings and tailor your holiday yourself to be just how you like it. 

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